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Perspectives of an introvert

People drain me.  There I said it.  Actually, to be precise,  being around many people for an extended time, deplete my energy.  After a few hours in the companion of even my closest friends and families, I find myself wishing to retreat to my solitary cocoon. Read More »

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And weekends are finally here…

It’s a Friday afternoon and I am seriously craving for doughnuts, particularly, the chocolate-glazed ones.  Ideally, I would like to have two. One would just be barely sufficient to greet my taste buds.  I would need another one to feel wholly satisfied, body and mind.  I’ll dip them in piping hot, bitter, black coffee before […]

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Standing in front of the fogged-up mirror, I look at my reflection.  Slowly,  bits of me emerge. Part of my eyes, a fraction of my nose and a crescent of my lips.  Clarity is just minutes way.  I stand there, albeit, a little nervous, a little reluctant.  Read More »