How did we get here…

How did we become

minds dead to sound reasoning,

numb to violence,

our fears conned into hatred?




*Photo by Kat Jayne from Pexels

18 thoughts on “How did we get here…

  1. We shouldn’t change with this world, the violence is everywhere, our streets, our schools, churches and even some homes. Keeping the toxic things out of our homes – violent movies, video games, etc. from reaching our young ones is one way of helping future generations.

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  2. That is a really good question. I think our fears are exaggerated by stories in the media and by politicians who promote racial and religious bigotry. As an Australia (where the gunman in NZ lived for most of his life) I am aware our certain politicians and media figures here who have really inflamed fear and hatred in some of the population.

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