Glimpses of Miami Beach

Recently, I went on a mini trip to Miami Beach. After experiencing its vibrancy in music, colors and energy, I feel compelled to share some of its images with you.Β  I hope you enjoy them.

Miami beach - rubics cube - by Mylilplace
Yellow and white squares in the middle of the beach, reminiscent of a rubik’s cube


Miami beach - neon palm tree - by Mylilplace
Neons coalesce with palm trees and lit the night skies


Miami beach - man holding balloons by Mylilplace
Magical Disney balloons for the young at hearts


Miami beach - bar - by Mylilplace
A Cuban restaurant/bar near the beach.


Miami beach - Cuban restaurant - by Mylilplace
Cuban influence in Miami Beach is undeniable – from food to music


Miami beach - dog - by Mylilplace
His cuteness – irresistible


Miami beach - neon signs and colorful car - by mylilplace
Colors on the streets, loud and celebratory


Three dancing girls - MyLilPlace
Three girls dancing freely on the streets canopied by the majestic tree


And now, a little haiku that crossed my mind as I ended my trip.

Colors, unabashed,

pulsate to Salsa’s rhythms.



I wish all of you a wonderful weekend.Β  πŸ’œ


*Images captured by My Li’l Place

48 thoughts on “Glimpses of Miami Beach

    • Barbara, I am so glad you stopped by. I had no idea you live in South Florida. I have to say, it exceeded my expectation. I wish I could have visited other parts of Miami but we were short on time. Maybe next time, if we get the chance to visit again. Thank you for visiting and for your comments. ❀️


    • Diana, thank you so much. 🧑 You are so kind and supportive, as always. I hope you are having a little rest now that you are back.

      Also, been meaning to reach out to you. Guess what I have just started reading and loving? The Rose Shield Tetralogy. I just finished Caitling’s Bane and I had a hard time putting it down to take care of chores. Thank you for such a gift of a story, Diana. I will attempt to write a review although I am quite terrible at writing one. Hoping I won’t botch it too badly this time. My sincere thanks, my friend. I honestly am not a fantasy book reader but I think you just turned me into one. 🧑 Sorry if I sound like a total fan girl. Just can’t help it! LOL… Have a beautiful rest of the weekend.

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      • Thank you, Li’l, for the sweet comment! I’m just delighted that you took a chance with the book, especially since fantasy isn’t your usual genre. I would love a review, of course, even if only one sentence, but what really brings me a huge grin is your lovely compliment here. You made my day… my week! Happy Easter.

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  1. I love the sense of energy you’ve captured through your photos and words. You’ve taken us on a wonderful little trip with you. The blue and violets on the palm tree and night sky are mesmerizing!

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    • Thank you, Annika, for stopping by and checking out the posts. Glad you like the pictures. The last one is my favorite too. I wondered what the girls were imagining…the joys they were feeling. Have a good evening.

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