Thank you for stopping by My Li’l Place, a sanctuary for my humble thoughts, stories, memories and snapshots.

I created this space because I have always loved to write as a way of expressing myself and documenting my experiences.  Photography is also a hobby of mine as I enjoy capturing moments and exploring different perspectives.  Truthfully, I still have much to learn in both writing and photography.  But I get such enjoyment from doing them and I look forward to gather some valuable insights along the way.

Most of all, I started this space because I wanted to take this chance to learn more about myself and to challenge myself to grow, as a person.  A hopeless perfectionist, I have always been terrified of starting anything that might remotely present the possibility of failure.  But, I figured, it’s time I start outgrowing that fear.

I look forward to seeing you often.  Please feel free to leave your thoughts, suggestions and even share your stories with me for you will be my teachers.  Thank you in advance for your time and have a wonderful day.


~ Maia