Photo of bats leaning against fence, surrounded by lines and patterns. Image in black and white.

Bats ready

Bats stand ready at a neighborhood’s little league game. I like the mix of lines and patterns.


*Featured image by My Li’l Place

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

To the powers that be

It happened again yesterday in our own soil, a war-like carnage

Please, spare me your meaningless verbiage and your attempt to assuage

Where, tell me where is your outrage

Young lives so senselessly robbed of their golden age

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Dark clouds image by My Li'l Place

Dark clouds

Dark clouds twisting and writhing

Anger and agony percolating

Thunder and lightning unleashed

Soul and senses wrecked with unease


*Featured image by My Li’l Place


Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

What’s on your checklist?

Everyday, we plod through our lives with long to-do lists and everyday, we hustle to triumph over them.  Read More »

White dandelion puff image by My Li'l Place

I, too, am a flower

I stood by your feet

You nearly crushed me

Enraptured by the blossoms above

You hardly saw me

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Parents’ involvements

I can’t believe I have just sat through almost two hours of parents’ meeting, most of which revolved around folder requirements for the different classes and instant online grade notifications.  Read More »