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It’s past 6:30PM.  Grocery bags still in disarray on my kitchen floor. Pot, pan, plates and bowls lay empty, staring at the ceiling.   Each second races the one before.  Kids will be home soon.  Parents are visiting.  Husband is on his way.  I can do this.

Breathe…Read More »

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The gift of smile

It was a trying day.  Bogged down with work woes and personal struggle, I trudged into a neighborhood bookstore to look for distraction in a novel. Read More »

Threads of memory

If I close my eyes and invite my past into my present, I see a picture of myself sitting on the kitchen floor as a little girl while I watched my mom cook.Read More »

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A Beginning…

Here you are.  Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you lend me your eyes and ears while you join me here in my little place.  Here is a cup of tea for you.  You prefer coffee?  Sure, I’ll make one in a jiffy.  So, how is your day?



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