Photo by Edho Pratama on Unsplash


It’s past 6:30PM.  Grocery bags still in disarray on my kitchen floor. Pot, pan, plates and bowls lay empty, staring at the ceiling.   Each second races the one before.  Kids will be home soon.  Parents are visiting.  Husband is on his way.  I can do this.


Beep! My phone goes off again.  Another email from yet another client with yet another question.  Type fast and faster.  No more, no more, I implore.  A Facebook message.  A friend’s birthday. It’s today?  Good God. I am the fiftieth person to wish her and she only has 51 friends on her friend list.  I can’t be the last one.  Quick, do it now.  Add a smiley face.  Maybe a cake and confetti too.


Cutting board.  Knife.  I start chopping.  Ten minutes to chop.  Forty minutes to cook.  We’ll eat by 7:30PM.  I’ve got this. Beep!  Another email.  Put down knife, wipe hands and back to typing.  We’ll eat by 7:35PM.  Just five minutes later.  It’s okay.  Email sent.  Back to chopping.  Phone starts to ring.  Who now? What now?  My BFF.  It can wait.  Or, can it? Hello? She is mad.  Something about her fiance.  Curses and tears.  This will take a while.  Press speakerphone.  Continue chopping.


Ping! A text.  Husband is caught in traffic.  At least 15 minutes late. Yes! A little victory dance. I text back “Sorry, babe.  See you soon.” BFF finally catches a breath.  I say, “Sorry to hear, dear. Hang in there.” She hangs up.  Toss everything in pots and pans. Fire on! Stir and flip. Almost done.  I am going to make it! Doorbell rings.  Kids are back.  Parents arrive.  Hugs and kisses.  Hang coats.


Ping! Another text. Husband is almost here.  Beep! Another email from client. Another Facebook message.  A friend’s child scores a touchdown. Congrats, I start to type…then pause.  It’s time to stop.  Time to disconnect so I can connect.  With my family.  My loved ones. Press the side button.  Swipe.  Black. Silence.


Until tomorrow.
*Featured image by Edho Pratama on Unsplash



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