Image of cherry blossoms along a lake with petals strewn about

Cherishing spring

Sometimes, even trees have to shed their flowers before their leaves unfold…



8 thoughts on “Cherishing spring

  1. Cawabunga, that’s gorgeous! Looks like the perfect setting for a Korean drama! Haha!

    By the way, Ill be posting on K-dramas soon, due to another nonKorean friend asking for my recommendations.

    Because i had deleted all of them, i will have to write em all over again. Do u watch the dramas too?

    Like how i delete my blogs, i also delete my posts too. So thats why i needed to rewrite on the Daisy movie again. I think my review on it was better this time anyhow. Ha! 😉💟

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    • I think it’s a great move to write about Korean dramas. I do follow some but they are time consuming…and I get terribly upset when the endings are such let downs. There is one that I love, though…and I hope you get to cover it. The light in your eyes with Kim Hye Ja in it. Love her as an actress and I thought this was one of the better dramas I have watched.

      Please don’t delete your posts or blog. Pretty please… 💜

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      • Well, now. Kim Hye Ja? How come that chick don’t ring no bell? (*shocked look*) Girlfriend, you know what that means? That YOU my dear, should cover it. Bet it will be a swell story to read and a cool different tune for your followers to read. I for one, am hopin’ you will do so.

        No jive about them being time consuming! Hear-hear! For that reason, technically, I’m on K-drama rehab. I just sneak a peek when the sis and Mom watch ’em together all of the time. So I’ve shared about those dramas in the past, which you may have read, and will come across reading again (like Daisy – ha!). I do get sad at the ones I had written, which I thought were a riot to read even for me, and those posts are long gone. Ah, well. Better and funner writing is the plan!

        A blessed Easter weekend to ya!

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      • Sandmoos, writing movie and drama reviews isn’t quite my forte. I don’t know enough about the Korean culture to give the background too. I could try somewhere down the road maybe…but not sure. I look forward to reading yours first. LOL.

        Korean dramas are very lengthy…so I try not to start. I am on a rehab too like you. I am sure you will be writing more about the K- dramas and movies and you’ll have fun doing it. I love reading your perspectives, especially. Honest, no frills. Priceless.

        A blessed Easter weekend to you too. A new beginning for all of us. 🙂 Take good care.

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