White dandelion puff image by My Li'l Place

I, too, am a flower

I stood by your feet

You nearly crushed me

Enraptured by the blossoms above

You hardly saw me


Taking roots where I don’t belong

But where I am meant to be

I dapple the greens

With summer reverie


Sometimes a ball of white puff

At times adorned in petals of vibrant yellow hue


Forgotten, have you?


The days of secret whispers and childhood wishes

When I twirled merrily between your blithe little fingers

Or when I was gifted to you by tiny hands amidst joyful giggles

A simple and blissful token of love, your first, as a mother


A weed I am called by many

A nuisance, considered by most

I hope one day you’ll remember me and see

That I, too, am a flower, first and foremost


Yellow Dandelion Image by My Li'l Place














*Images by My Li’l Place



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