Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

To the powers that be

It happened again yesterday on our own soil, a war-like carnage

Please, spare me your meaningless verbiage and your attempt to assuage

Where, tell me where is your outrage

Young lives so senselessly robbed of their golden age


Blinded in misguided loyalty to your affiliation

You have remain unmoved in inexcusable, unfathomable inaction

I urge you, seize our sorrow and searing indignation

Feel our grief, make it yours, act on compassion


Parlay not with our children’s lives

While protection for them you deprive

Enough with your endless squabbles and strife

No one wins this battle unless our kids survive


How much more blood and tears do we have to lose

Before you stop this greed driven ruse

Unite, act now, preserve lives you must choose

We demand you stop this treacherous abuse



My heart goes to all the victims of school shooting. I pray that our lawmakers  have the wisdom and courage to act now and stop these senseless tragedies.  Because they can. 

*Featured image by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

9 thoughts on “To the powers that be

  1. Completely agree. I’m starting contemplate on homeschooling my kids. But how sad that we must go there – taking away the years and time they experience being in a physical school environment. Yes, so terrifying.

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