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Dear brother…

The room is now empty, the bed half made

An empty shampoo bottle lies forlorn on the floor

The gray ottoman returned to its quiet empty corner

Where your black luggage had recently sat in a bloated slump, half unzipped


How many years have scampered by since we were little

When our days alternated between laughter and tears, jokes and squabbles

Even then, you were always the smart, wise one

While I, always the uncertain, impressionable one


How I looked up to you then and  I very much still do

Even with wrinkles etched around our eyes and in our lives

Burdened with fears like heavy leads within our hopeful souls

Wearing smiles like shields to life’s oft piercing spears


You don’t have to tell me how much it hurts sometimes because I know

When joys and love find you, I welcome them too

Dreams and hopes for your kids, I share them with you

Your affection and concern for mine, I truly thank you


Words may no longer come as quickly, nor laughter nor tears

Even squabbles and jokes have dwindled between us in our cluttered, grown up world

But I hope you know as well as I do

As a sister to a much beloved brother, I will always be there for you



*Featured image by Csabi Elter on Unsplash







25 thoughts on “Dear brother…

  1. Oh wow! As someone who also has a brother – older, and was more like a father figure growing up, this resonated so much with me. So beautifully written, so raw and tender. Those last four lines got me! WOW, how they are so true, so bitter sweet. My brother and his family are missionaries, 12 years ago they were sent to Minnesota – we are in Florida, and there aren’t too many times in the year we can see one another and our ever so growing families. So, this grown up world has really done a world to our own world we once shared. With this I can say, life can do a number on time. Thank you for this beautiful piece of art and heart, thank you for sharing!

    I’ve nominated you for this fun challenge …


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    • Ana, thank you so much for stopping by coz I know just how busy you are. I am glad that you liked this little poem of mine…though I don’t even know if it qualifies for a poem. Thank you for sharing your own experience and your thoughts. I very much appreciate it…that’s how I get to know you better and I am so thankful for that. My brother and his family just visited us…and I was surprised by the emptiness and sadness I felt when they left. And yes, our relationship has evolved so much over the years. So hard to even just talk to each other nowadays or to meet up…I guess it’s part of being adults.
      Thank you so much for the nomination! 🙂 I will get to it soon, I hope. I just stole a few minutes to reply to comments. Just don’t like to see them not replied to. Have a great rest of the week.

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      • I think it’s an amazing poem! Yes, I feel the same when my brother visits and then they leave. It’s a bittersweet feeling. It’s definitely part of being adults and everyone having our families. Time is never on our side as much as we’d like. I hope he reads this piece though – it’s incredible. What love is capable of getting out of ones soul.
        Thank you, likewise.


  2. This is beautiful and so relatable. When I was training to be a grief counselor, I never forgot the day my professor told me that our relationships with our siblings will often be the longest of our lives. They will know us from our early childhoods to our old age. I’m so glad you and your brother are close and stay connected. It’s a special love. ❤

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    • Thank you so very much for your insight and thought on this, Diana. It is a special bond that my brother and I share, indeed, though it has evolved over the years, just like everything else. 🙂 Have a great rest of the week.

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  3. This was so beautiful and well-written! 🙂 I can relate to it so much, even though I have more experience of being the “older sibling” who leaves first, but this was so beautiful and made me very emotional…

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    • Thank you, Sandmoos. There is still so much I need to work on for my writing…but your words encourage me to keep trying and going. I am truly touched and honored…You made my day. 🙏 Hope you are having a wonderful day, dear friend.


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