A chicken soup kind of day

It’s official.  The whole family is now under seige and under the blankets from various ailments.  Coughs and sneezes, fevers and even stomach bug! Talk about riches in assorted germs.  A huge pot of chicken soup is now cooking away on the stove and I take comfort just standing next to the warmth of the fire while trying to catch slight whiffs of the soup’s aroma between congestions.   It is just that kind of day, the kind that forces the family to take a break from the daily grinds and to attend to ourselves first.  It’s a day of respite and healing.

I know some of you in the blogging world are under the weather, as well, and I wish you much rest and hope you get better soon.  To everyone else, stay healthy!


*Featured image by Pixabay on Pexel.com


12 thoughts on “A chicken soup kind of day

      • I’m over in Australia. It’s our summer. I live on the coast so it isn’t so hot though 38 C has been predicted for Sunday! I heard the USA is heading into a polar vortex – that sounds extreme. I hope you and your family has a warm house.

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      • Oh I had no idea you are from Australia. Enjoy the summer although 38 deg sounds intimidating. What a beautiful country. I went to Gold Coast a while back once and I loved it. We are very fortunate to have a warm little home. Take good care and have a great rest of the week.

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