Image of cherry blossoms along a lake with petals strewn about

Cherishing spring

Sometimes, even trees have to shed their flowers before their leaves unfold…



The Inside My Head Tag



I have been tagged by Ana, the sweet and amazing blogger of the Mom Life with Chiari site.  Her blog  (which I LOVE) is both inspiring and fun to read.  If you haven’t checked it out,  please do so and you’ll know what I mean. Read More »

Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels


I was waiting at the cashier line of the grocery store when I found myself voluntarily skimming through the headlines on the tabloids placed just within my reach. Read More »

Mystery Blogger Award


My biggest thanks to Mom Life with Chiari for this truly wonderful award. What a delightful surprise!  It made my day and week!   Truth be told, I am still floundering and clueless in all ways but bloggers like Mom Life with Chiari inspires me with her words and her relentlessly positive outlook towards life.  Reading her blog reminds me to just keep at it and to keep having fun.  Don’t miss out on her positive messages. Check it out!Read More »