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Perspectives of an introvert

People drain me.  There I said it.  Actually, to be precise,  being around many people for an extended time, deplete my energy.  After a few hours in the companion of even my closest friends and families, I find myself wishing to retreat to my solitary cocoon.   My real take on big gatherings?

Family vacation?  Insanity.  Honestly, whoever thought of that idea in the first place?

Girls night out?  It is fun maybe for the first two hours after struggling to convince myself to go.

Party with a group of strangers?  Never and I mean NEVER.  Just the thought alone is torturous.

Public speaking? Cold sweats.  I would avoid it as much as I can.

So, my friends and family used to wonder…

Are they making me feel uncomfortable? Not at all.  It’s really me and I mean it most sincerely.

Am I just shy?  Not at all.  I am perfectly fine making small talks with strangers for uhm…ten minutes, maybe?  I actually have a bubbly personality and seem to be very sociable which makes it really hard to convince people that I am an introvert.  But, I am.

Do I just hate spending time with people then? Not at all.   I know it sounds like a contradiction but I actually enjoy spending quality time with a few people at a time.  I really enjoy getting people’s thoughts and ideas on all subjects, not to mention learning more about their lives.  It’s really the big number that triggers my introvert button.  And by big number, I mean more than 4 people. Yeah, that’s big to me.

The most commonly asked question has got to be…

Do I just hate people?  This is the biggest misconception of introverts.  The answer is absolutely not.  I deeply care about the people around me, especially my close friends and family.  I would do anything to make them and keep them happy.  The things I would do include organizing and hosting family get-together, standing up in front of acquaintances and giving a speech because no one else wants to do it, and dressing up and going to girls night out with my friends.  Yes, it’s a struggle but I do them because I care.  Apparently being a people pleaser is also another trait of an introvert.

Just in case you are wondering, I didn’t write this to make excuses for us, introverts.  Rather, I hope it gives you a glimpse into our inner workings, quirky as they may seem.  So, if you sense your introvert friends and family starting to squirm their way out of a gathering into their own little sanctuary, please let them. They’ll appreciate it more than you’ll ever know.  Chances are, they’ll recharge, come right back and give you their all before you know it.


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