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Anger and a lesson learned

I am not sure if it’s the relentless  summer heat or if it’s part of aging, as suggested by my friend,  but my patience well has been quite dry lately.  In other words, I find myself way more easily irritated.  I couldn’t even stand hearing myself when I gave in to these petty annoyances as it’s impossible to shove angry words back in once they have been callously spat and sputtered out.Read More »

Day 3 – Three days, three quotes challenge

It’s the last quote and the third day of the challenge. Thanks to Ana at Mom Life with Chiari Blog for this wonderful opportunity.

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Day 2 – Three days, three quotes challenge

Here it is, the second quote for the second day of the challenge.  Thanks to Ana at Mom Life with Chiari Blog for the chance to do this.  Visit her blog if you haven’t done so.

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I was waiting at the cashier line of the grocery store when I found myself voluntarily skimming through the headlines on the tabloids placed just within my reach. Read More »

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Perspectives of an introvert

People drain me.  There I said it.  Actually, to be precise,  being around many people for an extended time, deplete my energy.  After a few hours in the companion of even my closest friends and families, I find myself wishing to retreat to my solitary cocoon. Read More »