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I was waiting at the cashier line of the grocery store when I found myself voluntarily skimming through the headlines on the tabloids placed just within my reach. There was something about one or two or three of the Kardashians.  I can’t tell who is who.  There was also something about Miranda Lambert.  O, and there was Meghan Markle, as well, with the potential tiaras and wedding gowns that she might be wearing.  That’s when my interest peaked.  The Royalty is my weakness.  I reached for the magazine, thumbed through it speedily to get to the anticipated page.

What is it that makes us so fascinated with the ongoing of the celebrities’ lives? What they do, what they say, what they wear, where they live, make headlines every day because publishers know we can’t seem to get enough of them.  Is it simply for our entertainment?  A little welcomed distraction from the daily grinds?  What is it that make us so curious about them and even worship them at times?  Some celebrities are held in such high regards that when they err ever so slightly, because they are humans lest we forget, everyone who is anyone with a phone and fingers would weigh in.

How about the times when the famous  fight among themselves and we too find ourselves divided in our loyalty to the people we hardly know?  Or, the instances when celebrities’ downfalls are exposed?  Are they supposed to elicit sympathy or delight?  I am not quite sure from the way the articles are written.  Why do these strangers’ lives have such a stronghold on our interest?  Maybe the better question to ask is…what is it about us and our lives that make us so captivated by them?   Are we missing some much needed excitement and fulfillment?

In today’s world,  where we are all grappling with our reality and busy sifting through conflicting, deafening noises to try and lead meaningful lives, why do we choose to add more unnecessary, superficial noises that will only distract us further from what really matters?  At the end of the day, Ms. Markle’s tiara and dress have no impact on my life whatsoever, or anyone’s lives but her own  Also, I am not sure that she wants all that attention nor fickle interest from me, either.  I had better put that magazine down and pay for my grocery.  It was time to get home.


*Featured image by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

2 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Why? As for myself, I think often times I am I intrigued to read or catch up on others lives – the ones in the limelight especially, bc I ‘forget’ about my own problems, dilemas, stress, etc. even if only for a second. My therapist says, misery loves company, I like to also think, it’s a reminder that I am not alone in my daily struggles.

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    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Those are the reasons that I read those stories as well sometimes. I think it only becomes a problem if we start idolizing and letting them override our own thoughts and lives.

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