Day 2 – Three days, three quotes challenge

Here it is, the second quote for the second day of the challenge.  Thanks to Ana at Mom Life with Chiari Blog for the chance to do this.  Visit her blog if you haven’t done so.

The rules are:

♣…Thank the person who nominated you.

♣…Post a quote for 3 days and explain why it appeals to you.

♣…Nominate bloggers each day!


My second quote:

Photo by Valeriy Andrushko on Unsplash

While we live in this world, we cannot escape pain. Anyone who says it’s not so is either delusional, lying or not quite living. It’s the very premise of living and breathing.  But how we perceive our pain, how we choose to address it, what we decide to do with it, is fully up to us.  The one who determines our suffering and happiness is ultimately us.


My nominations:

♣  Wednesday’s Child

♣  The Thought Gallery

♣  Simple Ula

I hope you enjoy this three day three quote challenge as much as I do.  Can’t wait to see the quotes you post and to learn more about each of you.


*Featured image by Valeriy Andrushko on Unsplash

15 thoughts on “Day 2 – Three days, three quotes challenge

  1. Loved! Such great quote! 😊 I often get told things like, ‘I’ve been through how many surgeries, you’re so brave.’ Actually, I’m not! But if I change my perception of something so scary happening then I won’t let it define my overall feelings on it. 🧡🙏

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    • Thank you so much and please you don’t ever have to apologize. It has taken me a few days to be able to get back to my blog!!! 🙂 I need my kids in camps! Hahaha… Will be checking your posts soon! Thanks for the heads up.

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  2. I enjoy having them at home but I can see that I won’t be getting much writing done. I was not doing much to begin with…hahaha….they would look at me and ask me if I could stop looking at the computer and play with them. So, I try to do things at night but sleep gets to me first. 😛


  3. Rereading this post tonight. In regards to the quote, seems like they may go hand in hand in physical stuff. Like just the other day, I got a cut while cooking. That was painful to get, and I kept sufferin’ all day cuz it was on my palm where a bandaid wouldnt stick n stay on. 👐 🐳 😄

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    • Yes, physical stuff too. 🙂 I hate it when it’s on the palm coz bandaids just don’t work. I hear the liquid bandaid would work. I never tried it though. Thank you for your time and your thoughts, Sandmoos.


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