Liebster award

I am filled with gratitude that the amazing Ana from Mom with Chiari blog has nominated me for the Liebster award.  I am not quite sure if I am deserving of it but I am just going to have fun since she has kindly given me the chance to do so.  Check out her blog.  I promise she will amaze you with her love for life and her inspiring life.

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Pink rose by My Li'l Place

A rose

Subtle and elegant

In form and fragrant

This pale pink beauty

Captivates in tranquility


*Featured image by My Li’l Place




Day 3 – Three days, three quotes challenge

It’s the last quote and the third day of the challenge. Thanks to Ana at Mom Life with Chiari Blog for this wonderful opportunity.

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Day 2 – Three days, three quotes challenge

Here it is, the second quote for the second day of the challenge.  Thanks to Ana at Mom Life with Chiari Blog for the chance to do this.  Visit her blog if you haven’t done so.

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Day 1 – Three days, three quotes challenge

First and foremost, thank you, Ana, for this wonderful nomination.  Not only is it challenging for me to post only three quotes since I have a hundred that I love but it has really made me think about what is truly important to me.Read More »

Photo of bats leaning against fence, surrounded by lines and patterns. Image in black and white.

Bats ready

Bats stand ready at a neighborhood’s little league game. I like the mix of lines and patterns.


*Featured image by My Li’l Place

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

To the powers that be

It happened again yesterday on our own soil, a war-like carnage

Please, spare me your meaningless verbiage and your attempt to assuage

Where, tell me where is your outrage

Young lives so senselessly robbed of their golden age

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