Photo by Bryan Minear on Unsplash

A glimpse into darkness

Tethered to despair

Fighting turmoil in dark void

Beseeching release


To those who live with depression and are fighting to see the light, I sincerely wish that you find much hope and love in your journey.  Remember that you are brave, you are strong and you will triumph.


*Featured image by Bryan Minear on Unsplash


27 thoughts on “A glimpse into darkness

  1. Great post, true and to the point! Yes. People should never feel embarrassed, ashamed or feel seeking help for their depression is a sign of weakness. Seek help, you never know what other issues may be brought up in light of your diagnosis. As someone who rejected therapy for depression and anxiety, I have my sessions once every two weeks, it’s been a huge source in getting me well. Well wishes to all living with mental illness, it’s real and it isn’t going anywhere.

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    • I think there is so much stigma surrounding it still and people don’t like the label mental illness. Well, it is illness period. If we seek help for our physical health, why not mental health? It takes a brave person to recognize that he/she needs help and gets it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts/experiences. It really amazes me to see how strong you are.

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      • Yes, you are absolutely right. ‘If we get help for our physical health, why not our mental health.’ Yes. You know a previous neurologist I was seeing was the one that recommended therapy for me. After I laughed and said, ‘no way, you want people to think I’m crazy!’ He said, ‘after all you’ve been through, you might benefit from therapy.’ Oh that doctor, he helped me save myself from destruction. He was absolutely right. I was walking around with a dark cloud over my head not knowing where the deep sadness was coming from. Until the day I met my therapist. You have to be brave and you have to be willing to love yourself enough to seek help! Seek it, ask for it! As they say, you can lead the horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

        I love your posts – such a fan! Continue your amazing writing and continue to inspire other to live their authentic self – mental illness and all.

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      • I don’t know much and still have a lot to learn but I started reading up about it when a dear friend had depression a few years ago and I, in my foolish ignorance, couldn’t understand her. This is merely based on my humble observation so I can’t claim that I have braved depression myself. But, I wish to give a voice to those who have it. Thank you for your support, always. It’s because of fellow bloggers like you that I learn so much, that I keep writing and enjoying the process. Thanks for being such an inspiration to me and all your followers. 🙂

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